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Things to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Before winter sets in, there are things to do to make sure your house is safe and warm. Often, it’s best to consider home repair jobs now so that your space is comfortable during the cold weather. Here are a few pointers:


Windows may let you see nature when you don’t want to go outside, but they also let in cold air if they aren’t insulated and sealed properly. You should also consider insulating the attic and other areas.

Air Ducts

The ducts of your home allow air to flow through. Consider a thorough air duct cleaning at the end of each season to remove the dirt, dust, and allergens that escape the filter. It’s also a good idea to get the HVAC system inspected before the cold sets in.

Roofing Services

You may notice that your roof needs repairs. If that happens, it’s best to do it before the freezing temperatures hit. As winter comes to an end, everything is going to melt and could cause significant leak damage. Homeowners with solar panels should also have them inspected at that time.

Other Considerations for Homeowners

Consider hiring an electrician to inspect any stair lifts in the house. Now might also be a great time for a mortgage refinance, especially if you need money to help with the repairs. Take a look at the home furniture to see if it needs to be replaced or updated.

Painting jobs can also be completed toward the end of summer before winter hits. You may also want to consider a home warranty plan to help cover expenses if something goes wrong. Now is also the time for garage door repair to keep that space warm and toasty.

What about Renters?

If you live in a housing assistance home, you don’t have to do any of the work yourself. Consider hiring a tenant’s rights attorney if the landlord doesn’t make repairs promptly. Also, you can get renter’s insurance to help protect your possessions if something goes wrong.

These are just a few things to focus on before winter hits to protect your investment and keep you safe.

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