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Tips For Preparing for a Zoom Job Interview

Many interviewers use Zoom because it allows you to see the person (video) and communicate with them. These tips can help you ace your zoom interview.

If you’re currently seeking a job, you may consider work from home positions. Usually, these customer service jobs allow you to help people remotely over the phone or online. It’s a great way to do something enjoyable, make money online, and protect yourself and your family from getting COVID-19.

Many interviewers use Zoom because it allows you to see the person (video) and communicate with them. These tips can help you ace your zoom interview:

What to Wear?

Dress for success and wear business attire. If you have an interview for one of many product reviewer jobs, this may not be necessary. You’re going to be given an item to try or can buy it online. Still, it’s best to be presentable, showered, and have combed hair.

Use the Technology

Before the interview, download the app to your phone or computer, and don’t forget to test your webcam and microphone systems. That way, there are no technical issues that day. Make sure the potential employer sends you the access code and meeting link, and don’t be afraid to ask if you didn’t receive it.

Keep Distractions at Bay

Many people have extra time available now because of COVID-19, so they tend to spend it doing paid surveys. While this is a great way to make extra cash, you shouldn’t be doing anything else during your interview. Even if the other people can’t see what you’re doing, they can tell you aren’t giving them the attention they deserve. It makes you appear uninterested.

Before the interview, remove things from the floor and the walls around you. If anyone can see it, this could be a distraction for them, as well. Keep the windows and curtains shut if possible. That way, you don’t hear lawnmowers or catch glimpses of things going on outside. Consider making sure the children and pets are occupied elsewhere for the video chat. This ensures that you and the interviewer have a more enjoyable experience.

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